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Our results are effective; guaranteed and proven through the soil-laden crystals that shine on the floor after application. The following photos are of the dried, undiluted capsules that produce these amazing results. Our solution encapsulates foreign soils in a clear polymer that looks perfect to the naked eye and even under low magnification. The crystals are 100% safe to contact and are removed easily by vacuum after cleaning, which can be done at any time without adverse effect. Each machine has two big brushes that work with our encapsulating solution to turn hair, dust and soil particles into big nasty clumps. You'll immediately see brighter, more vibrant carpet that feels clean and dry within minutes. Renewed freshness fills the air due to removal of powerful odors trapped deep within your carpet. We clean up to 5000 square feet per hour and frequently deliver dry carpet in less than 30 minutes. Heavily soiled carpets & upholstery will require hot water extraction.



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