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Unlike many of our competitors, we encourage online feedback from every customer via social media and other online platforms to ensure highest quality of service is consistently provided. Our technicians receive $10 bonus for each positive review written by a customer. They have every incentive to be 100% honest, perform high-quality/review-worthy service and give you best possible price. All testimonials below are emails sent at will of customers or taken directly from LivingSocial rating system. For more recent testimonials, check us out on Facebook.


I have to say, I have had my carpets cleaned before, and never did they come out as nice as they did when you cleaned them!! You used a more gentle procedure, and yet, all the spots were removed and the bone carpet looks brighter! I am very happy, and Mike was professional and nice. Thank you Dry Green Machine! 


Yesterday your tech Carlos cleaned my daughter's condo on Wildbrook.  I was amazed at the results.  I have recommended your company to my corporate office, Name Removed for Privacy.  The corporate office is in Mt Clemens and the young lady that will call you is Kathy.  I raved so about the phenomenal job that you did for my daughter.  We have quite a few offices in Michigan and if you do a good job for her, I'm sure she will hire you for all of the offices.  Please let me know when you do your promotion in February, I will be calling.  Once again, thank you for a terrific experience.


      thumbs up – 2013–05–31 Great service, I even added a couple rooms and they look good. The owners were respectful and took care to educate about their dry system of cleaning. I will the service again and recommend them.


      thumbs up - 2013–05–26 Very very impressive results for a dry system. I was skeptical but now I am a believer and a customer.


      thumbs up - 2013–05–24 Carpets look great. Will hire again.


      thumbs up - 2013–05–23


      thumbs up - 2013–05–21


      thumbs up - 2013–05–20 Carpets look great!


      thumbs up - 2013–05–18 Very friendly, helpful, and did a great job! Will definitely use again.


      thumbs up - 2013–05–10 Quick and painless. They did a good job without the wait for the carpet to dry that happens with steam cleaning.


      thumbs up-2013-05-06 "It was pretty amazing - the machine is about as big as a breadbox, with tall handle. It did the best cleaning I've seen done in my home, dries fast, and it's easy on the service men too! Mike and his partner, were very kind; answered all my questions, moved my couch for me, and even did the stairs! Even my husband commented on how good a job was done! That's something if myhusbands notices too! I've already given my neighbor a recommendation and your business card, Mike. Thank you again for a great job!!"


      thumbs up-2013-05-06


      thumbs up-2013-05-06


      thumbs up-2013-05-03 Hope there is another DGMCC coupon soon!


      thumbs up-2013-04-29 Really nice technician. Quick and excellent work.


      thumbs up-2013-04-17 Fantastic job!


      thumbs up-2013-04-15 Very, very pleasant and thorough young man came out as our technician.


      thumbs up-2013-04-12 Mike was great!  He did an amazing job..my carpets have never looked so good.  He was prompt and offered good communication. He went above and beyond!  I higly recommend Dry Green Machine!


      thumbs up-2013-04-10



      thumbs up-2013-04-10 Michael was a professional, and the carpets came clean!


      thumbs up-2013-04-07 The young man who did the cleaning was very friendly and professional and he did a great job.  The carpets look wonderful!


      thumbs up-2013-04-06



      thumbs up-2013-04-05 He did good job my house very clean I will recommended to my Freind


      thumbs up-2013-03-30 My carpet looks very good and I am very pleased with there service.


      thumbs up-2013-03-28 They did a great job! And it didn't take long to dry.


      thumbs up-2013-03-28 Did a great job, & were very helpful.


      thumbs up-2013-03-27 Great service and done with a smile.  Definitely will use him in the future. 


      thumbs up-2013-03-27 So far, so good - but it's still early.  The proof in the pudding will be after a few days, if the carpet looks as great as it does now and the stains haven't return. 


      thumbs up-2013-03-26


      thumbs up-2013-03-26


      thumbs up-2013-03-25 He was polite and professional and was able to remove tough stains. The chemical did leave the carpet a little stiff, but they are clean.


      thumbs up-2013-03-24 It takes longer than I expected - especially if the carpet is "extra" dirty - but definitely worth the time commitment!

       thumbs up-2013-03-21



      thumbs up 2013-03-17 remarkable service, all spots came out

      thumbs up 2013-03-15 He showed up on time and called to let me know he was on his way. He also took extra time to clean a difficult rug!

      thumbs up 2013-03-11

      thumbs up 2013-03-08

      thumbs up 2013-03-06 Very quick and prompt service. My room smells so much better!

      thumbs up 2013-03-05

      thumbs up 2013-03-04 Hard wokrers, very polite!

      thumbs up 2013-02-27


      thumbs up 2013-02-25 Amazing work with great care & patience.



      thumbs up 2013-02-23             

      thumbs up 2013-02-23 Great value, the tech was efficeint... The dry time was super short.. We will use them again!!

      thumbs up 2013-02-16 Good job!


      thumbs up 2013-02-12             


      thumbs up 2013-02-12 nice people nice work


      thumbs up 2013-02-10 Michael was great!


      thumbs up 2013-02-09 Excellent service.


      thumbs up 2013-02-05 Very efficient


      thumbs up 2013-02-05             


      thumbs up 2013-02-05 


      thumbs up 2013-02-05 Very good service! He was on time and very polite! I will definitely call them again. Two thumbs up!


      thumbs up 2013-02-05            


      thumbs up 2013-02-05 Didn't get some stains out, but they did a very thorough job. Even got into closets & stuff. For the price it was a great deal.


      thumbs up 2013-01-26 Our carpet look fresh and clean.  


       thumbs up 2013-01-25 I know you were not excited about doing our type of carpet, but it really came out great.  Thank you, good luck to you in your business. Jim and Darlene 


      thumbs up 2013-01-24 Excellent service 


      thumbs up 2013-01-24 A very professional business.  Michael was great; he did a great job and exceeded my expectations.  I would definitely recommend this company. 


      thumbs up 2013-01-22 I would suggest to the owner to go to vistaprint and get cheap cards and a metallic sign for his car. My neighbors asking what I was having done. The sign w phone number would tell all that drive by. Also, leave a sheet or card or SOMETHING with a discount or incentive to call back, his info, phone etc w a special for returning or referring customer. He worked awfully hard not to gain steady clientele. I have nothing from him that shows his name contact info etc so if I forget company- I'd go somewhere else. If he gave something, is have it for reference. :-) Looks great, missed small spot but kids didn't turn on the lights and it was getting dark.  


      thumbs up 2013-01-20 The workers were very nice! 


      thumbs up 2013-01-17 Super nice, efficient and on time. Great result as well.


       thumbs up 2013-01-17 Friendly service, on time and scheduled quickly. Owner worked quickly and left carpets looking beautiful. They dried very fast, too.

thumbs up 2013-01-17 Nice service tech thumbs up 


      thumbs up 2013-01-17 Awesome, I wildh them all the success in the world. I told them to go Global.


       thumbs up 2013-01-16 Service was superb! Can't beat the drying time, my carpet looks great.  


      thumbs up 2013-01-16 From Ann-Great job Michael 


      thumbs up 2013-01-15 Excellent Job have already referred them to many friends!


      thumbs up 2013-01-15 


      thumbs up 2013-01-15 Excellent service. The owner himself came and really took his time getting the spots out!   


      thumbs up 2013-01-13 


      thumbs up 2013-01-13 


      thumbs up 2013-01-13 


       thumbs up 2013-01-11 Prompt.  Courteous. Efficient.   Nice job.  Good value. 


      thumbs up 2013-01-09


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